Who we are

Who we are

Emotif.ai is the result of a three-year research project involving world-class expertise in natural language processing and linguistics.


Dr Rory Waite

Rory holds a Ph.D. degree in Machine Translation from the University of Cambridge. He previously worked as a scientist at SDL Research and Winton.


Dr Ashwini Shukla
Head of AI

Ashwini got his Ph.D. in Machine Learning/Robotics at EPFL, Switzerland. Before co-founding Emotif.ai, he worked in research at Winton.


David Grosser
Chief Data Officer

David earned his Linguistics Master’s from the University of Oxford. Most recently he worked as a data scientist at Winton.

Emotif.ai’s origins lie in the Research department of Winton Group, a global investment management and data science company. Founded in 1997, Winton’s business is based on identifying patterns in data that forecast financial market asset prices.